Amy Bienkowski—Volunteer of the Month

You might recognize Amy as our Kids Running Coach, or an Ausome Board Member, or as an Ausome parent and donor, because she is all of the above!

Since 2016, she has been generously sharing her kindness and tireless dedication with Ausome. Thank you for touching so many Ausome lives, Amy. We all look forward to running with you again next spring!

How did you learn about Ausome volunteer opportunities?  My son participated in soccer and I heard they were looking for a secretary on the board and that is how I first got involved with Ausome.  After seeing how much fun the volunteers were having when my son played soccer and basketball, made me want to get involved on the program side of things.

What made you decide to volunteer with Ausome? I decided I would like to share my love of running with the Ausome kids to get ready for Race Weekend.  I decided to volunteer in gymnastics first, so I could meet some of the kids before hand and pick up some tips of how to coach kids with Autism.

Describe your most memorable Ausome moment: Definitely at the run program, I loved seeing the kids improve each week and watching the kids that were hesitant to participate in the first week become more and more involved as the weeks went on!

Is there anything else we should know about you?Race weekend was fantastic!  I loved seeing the sea of red Ausome shirts and feeling the support of the Ausome community.  I loved hearing the stories of kids with Autism being involved in their first race.  I hope we get even more of our kids involved next year and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger!