Changes to Camp Program for Summer 2020

The idea for Ausome camp programming initially came in response to the ‘inclusive’ programming offered in the community. As we know, current community camp programming is softly excluding many children with autism and/or attempting to include them but not doing so in a meaningful way.

Ausome wants to change that.

In our first couple of years, we offered single day programs and then moved to full weeks in 2018. For 2020, we are no longer going to offer week-long camps. 

Instead, with excitement and optimism, we are going into Summer 2020 with a plan to continue to break-down barriers to camp experiences for all children with autism in our community. Our new approach will reach more children across the entire autism spectrum.

For 2020 our offerings will include:

  • Single Ausome Camp Day programs
  • Inclusion support in summer camps throughout the region 
  • Partnership with Aspire Academy’s summer camp program

Please stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for Ausome Camp Day registration, as well as an increasingly large and diverse number of spring and summer sport and recreation programs.

For more information on Aspire Academy’s summer camp program, please contact them directly.