Smiles to Inspire


Smiles play such an important role in building connections between our athletes, staff, and coaches. While our staff and coaches are wearing masks to keep everyone safe, we want to make sure our athletes and families can still see their friendly faces. Starting in September, our staff members and coaches will be wearing photo buttons that show the smiles behind their masks. But wait, it gets better! We’ve partnered with Aspire Academy to spread these personalized photo buttons across the autism community in Ottawa. Together, we’re proudly gifting photo buttons to 300 other coaches and educators who support students with ASD in Ottawa.

If you’re a coach or educator who works directly with individuals with ASD and are interested in ordering a button for yourself, or buttons for your team, please contact Emily at to reserve your button(s). Quantities are limited so we are gifting on a first come, first served basis and will be placing the button order on Friday, August 28th.