Ausome Fundamental Movement

Ausome FUNdamental Movement

Required Ages: 5 to 12


Program Description:  This program focuses on the development of skills in the areas of sensory-motor, self-regulation, social interaction, and play. Children will be paired with Algonquin College Occupational and Physiotherapy Assistant students and supervised by physiotherapists and members of the Ausome Ottawa team.

Our first week will consist of a quick Assessment to determine the Physical Literacy of each child (this is only used to help us determine where each child may need a little extra help). The children will participate in different activities and games that will help them with balance, strength and awareness. On the last session, we will reassess each child and see how they have improved over the 4–6 week program.  The best part is the kids will always be having fun!

Additional Notes: Participants must be able to clearly communicate their wants and needs, be toilet trained, able work at a table for 20 minutes, and not typically aggressive in new situations.

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