Ausome Get Moving

Ausome Get Moving

Required Ages: 5 to 12

Program Description:  We have once again partnered with Coach Quinn to help run this fun program for Ausome. Get Moving is a high-energy 4-week program for children of any skill level.

The goal for this program is for Ausome kids to be up, moving and having fun. No matter the child’s skills or abilities, this program is designed for each and every Ausome athlete. Each activity can be modified to be easy or difficult. The children will be partnered with an Ausome Volunteer and they will run through each activity at their own pace.  

Coach Quinn has planned circuits, games and activities that are all fun for any child. Ausome children can expect balancing games, relay races, parachute games, etc. In this program we are all about moving through the motions of each skill and learning the basics.

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