Ausome Gymnastics

Ausome Gymnastics

Ages: 6 to 16


Program Description: Ausome Ottawa is pleased to offer an online gymnastics program! Coach Chenae is amazing and has developed an at-home program for Ausome athletes. Participants will warm up their bodies to learn different jumps, balance movements, flexibility stretches and basic acrobatics. (Log rolls, bear stands, body rolls) Using equipment from home and support from parents/caregivers, athletes will follow along with Coach Chenae and Ausome volunteers to move through the different activities and games. Coach Chenae will demonstrate and modify the skills to suit each participant’s abilities. Participants will have fun learning these skills from home!

Participants will receive weekly lesson plans outlining activities, equipment needed and coaching tips. Parents/caregivers need to be present during the session. They are to help spot and support their athlete in session to ensure safety during difficult or more challenging balance skills. 

We may all be at home but we can all be active together! 

*This program requires an active Ausome membership*