Ausome Tennis

Ausome Tennis

Required Ages: 7 to 13


Program Description:  Coach Philippe at Proset Tennis combines a specially developed program which includes teaching five universal skills: Joint attention, Motor development, Socio-emotional skills, Motivation, Participation. With individual attention and team coaching, Philippe and the Ausome team ensure that the tennis program seamlessly adapts to the needs of each athlete. As a result they are able to enjoy movement and have fun playing tennis  in a constructive atmosphere.

Our Tennis program now offers 3 different levels to allow each of our Ausome athletes to reach their fullest potential.

LEVEL I: For tennis beginners. Sessions will focus on basic skills fundamental to the game of tennis.

LEVEL II: For intermediate tennis players. Sessions will focus on improving basic skills and learning movement to rally back/forth. Athletes should have the basic swings and movements.

LEVEL III: For intermediate—advanced tennis players. Sessions will focus on back and forth rallies, receiving serves and hitting both forehand and backhand. Athletes will be learning more movement on the court and play strategy.


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