Ausome Try-It: Glow Soccer

Ausome Try-It: Glow Soccer

Required Ages: 5 to 15

Saturday Jan 19, 2019: 5-7yrs: 1:30–2:15; 8-12yrs: 2:30–3:20; 13-15 yrs: 3:30–4:30

Community Pentecostal Church 1825 St. Joseph Blvd, K1C 7C6

Program Description: Ausome is excited to team up with Glow Sports Ottawa to offer a Try-It GLOW Soccer session!  Ausome athletes will have the opportunity to dribble the ball, pass to their Ausome buddy and shoot on net — all while glowing in the dark!  Glow Sports will provide the glow equipment along with glow body / face paint [non-toxic – we double checked 🙂 ]  Coach Quinn will be running the drills and games to get our athletes moving and learning!

NOTES: ALL Ausome members may register for Try-It GLOW Soccer, even if they are already registered in another Ausome program.  This is a 1-day event for our Ausome athletes to try something new and exciting!

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13-15 Registration Open

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