Ausome Basketball

Ausome Basketball (Volunteer-Paired)

Required Ages: 13 – 17 yrs.

 Thursdays: Jan 12 | Jan 19 | Jan 26 | Feb 2 | Feb 9 | Feb 16

GROUP 1: 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm
GROUP 1: 7:35 pm – 8:35 pm

  Location: Arch Street Public School at 2129 Arch Street

Program Description: 

This 6-week program will teach Ausome athletes the fundamentals of basketball – dribbling, passing, and shooting. Each week the drills will be modified slightly to improve skills. Athletes will be paired one-to-one with trained Ausome volunteers, who will help them through each session. Whether they are chest passes or bounce passes, we work with each child at their level to ensure individual success. We hope to build athletes’ skills so they can participate in a friendly game of basketball in the last week of the program.

**Important Note**

Ausome is reverting back to its pre-COVID level approach for athletes. In order for athletes to benefit the most from Ausome programs, they will be placed in a group that is most appropriate for their skill level. Please carefully read the descriptions below and select the level that is MOST APPROPRIATE for your child.

LEVEL 1 is intended for athletes who are new to basketball or have had some exposure to the sport. Sessions will focus on practicing the fundamentals of basketball (dribbling, passing, and shooting) and building on skill level.

LEVEL 2 is for basketball players who have had experience playing basketball and can independently complete basic skills. Sessions will focus on refining skills and incorporating them into gameplay while learning court strategy and game rules. Athletes must be able to run, dribble, shoot, and pass independently and comprehend and complete multi-step instructions.

Participants will be placed in groups based on level selection in registration. We cannot guarantee any group requests, so please make sure you are available to attend all time slots.