Featured Donors

The Albert Family

“We look forward to seeing Ausome on our credit card statement each month, because:

  • We want families living with autism to hear YES instead of no, maybe, or later…

  • We embrace neurodiversity, and are proud to support a charity that makes children feel included AS THEY ARE, not as society expects them to be.

  • We believe that every child deserves to laugh, play, and experience personal growth.

  • Our children’s lives have been enriched because they take part in individual and team sports, and we want to be part of making sure that other children have the same opportunities.”

*Julia is an employee at Ausome, and her family chooses to give monthly from their personal resources.

Dynes Sports Management

Kyle Skinner of Dynes Sports Management and his wife Katie were among Ausome’s very first volunteers. They have since built on the initial personal relationship, coaching Ausome athletes and becoming valuable corporate donors.

Over $7,500 in proceeds from the Dynes Sports Management Charity Golf Tournament have been gifted to the Ausome community since 2016. 

Dynes Sports Management, you are AUSOME!

“Seeing how excited the kids are…and the smiles on their faces is what keeps us coming back.”

Kyle Skinner, owner, Dynes Sports Management