Fitness with Friends

Ausome Fitness with Friends

Required Ages: 11-15 yrs


Program Description:

The Fitness with Friends program is for Ausome members who are looking to build their fitness in a circuit training environment. This weekly conditioning session is designed to challenge, motivate and inspire every single participant in a dynamic, interactive and FUN group environment.
Sessions will be designed to improve balance, cardiovascular health, build strength and muscle tone, and strengthen joints — all while building confidence and relationships with others. The program is led by Andrea Nicholls, an experienced certified sports conditioning specialist, personal trainer, strength coach and fitness instructor.
This sport conditioning program addresses the secondary fitness characteristics: balance, speed, agility, speed, reactivity, power, total body control and coordination, anaerobic conditioning, and overall athleticism.
Training the nervous system is also another aspect that Coach Andrea uses in her training; it is often ignored in traditional strength training programs. This system lays down motor patterns as we learn them and builds a foundation for proper movement skills, promoting the likelihood of developing positive posture and alignment habits.

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