Ausome Intro to Hockey

This program is generously brought to you with the support of: 

Intro to Hockey (Volunteer-Paired)

Required Ages: 13 – 17 yrs.

 Sundays: Feb 5 | Feb 12 | Feb 26 | Mar 5 | Mar 19 | Mar 26
*Break for Family Day and March Break

GROUP 1: 9:00 am – 9:50 am
GROUP 2: 10:00 am – 10:50 am

  Location: AMPED Sports Lab and Ice Complex at 2600 Leitrim Rd.

Program Description: 

Sharpen your skates and grab your stick! Through the generous support of AMPED Sports Lab—providing coaches and ice time for Ausome athletes—we are learning to play hockey. This program will focus on improving skating skills and learning the basics of the game. Through different activities and drills planned by AMPED coaches and supported by Ausome staff and volunteers, athletes will learn stickhandling, passing and shooting while improving their skating ability level on the ice.

Parents/guardians *MUST* source their own equipment for their athlete(s). This includes:

– CSA–approved helmet (cage required)
– Hockey stick
– Hockey skates
– Hockey gloves

If sourcing equipment is a financial barrier for your family, please email

**Important Note**

Ausome is reverting back to its pre-COVID level approach for athletes. In order for athletes to benefit the most from Ausome programs, they will be placed in a group that is most appropriate for their skill level. Please carefully read the descriptions below and select the level that is MOST APPROPRIATE for your child.

LEVEL 1 for athletes who have basic skating skills but have never been exposed to the sport of hockey (eg: never or rarely held a hockey stick, shot a puck, or participated in hockey gameplay). Sessions will focus on improving vital skating skills (such as crossovers, backwards skating, faster stops, and changing directions), and learning the fundamentals of hockey (such as how to properly hold a stick, passing and receiving the puck, and shooting on a net). Athletes must be able to skate forwards and backwards on their own, stop without using the boards, and turn in both directions in order to register for Level 1.

LEVEL 2 is for athletes who are strong skaters but have never played a game of hockey before (they may have held a hockey stick before, played road/floor hockey, or tried shooting a puck). Sessions will focus on improving skating skills (such as quickly changing directions, gaining speed, and one-foot stops) and practicing the fundamentals of hockey (such as stick handling, passing and receiving the puck, and shooting). Athletes must be able to perform Level 1 skating requirements with confidence and speed.

Please note that a skating test will take place on Week 1, and athletes may be moved to a different time slot that better suits their abilities. Ausome reserves the right to remove an athlete from the program if they are not a strong enough skater. 


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