Ausome Olympics – 50 Metre Dash

What are we doing?
Seeing how fast we can run 50metres

Where should we do it?
An outdoor space free of obstacles.Backyard, field, driveway, quiet street

What do we need?
1. Two cones (or any object to place on the ground as markers. I.e. sticks, soup cans, rocks)
2. A timer (phone timers work great)
3. Measuring Tape (optional)

1. Find a space that is at least 10 metres long and free of obstacles

2. Place a cone (or any marker) on the ground and then measure 10 metres or count 15 child steps away from the cone (this is roughly 10 metres)
3. Stand at the first cone
4. Start the timer and immediately run to the second cone
5. Run back and forth between the cones until you have touched the cones 5 times (you have run 50 metres)
6. Stop the timer when you touch a cone for the 5th time
8. Record your speed in minutes and seconds
9. Alternatively you can run 50 metres without stopping if you have a safe place to do so. 50 metres is about 75 steps

Record how many minutes and seconds it took you to run 50metres (touched the cones five times)



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