Ausome Olympics – Standing Long Jump

What are we doing?
Seeing how far we can jump from standing stationary.

Where should we do it?
A space free of obstacles. Living room, Backyard, field

What do we need?
1. Create a start jump line with an object. (use a broom stick, string,book etc) 
2. Optional items:

  • Measuring tape
  • Stick from outside
  • Something small to hold in your hand when you jump

1. Place your object beside you on the ground. Make sure your toes are not infront of the object.
2. Once you’re ready, take a BIG JUMP as far as you can.
3. Use the small object in your hand to put down where your feet landed
4. Use the measuring tape to see how far you jumped


Measure in metres or count the number of steps from where you let go of the ball to where the ball landed. 1 child Step = roughly ½ meter. Don’t worry we will do the math) . Record the number of steps



Olympic Long Jump Inspiration