Ausome Olympics – Volleyball

What are we doing?
Seeing how long we can keep a balloon/ball up in the air using our hands and arms.

Where should we do it?
A space free of obstacles. Living room, backyard, field

What do we need?
1. Balloon, beach ball or soft ball
(warning – Balloons will pop outside in the heat ūüėČ )
2. Stopwatch (a phone works great)

1. Start the timer when the balloon / ball is tossed in the air
2. Toss the balloon / ball up in the air
3. As the balloon / ball comes down, hit it with your arms or hands to keep it from touching the ground. Make sure to try and do a volleyball bump or volley
4. Use the timer to see how long you can keep the balloon / ball up in the air without letting it touch the ground
5. Stop the timer when the balloon / ball touches the ground

Record how long the balloon / ball was up in the air in minutes and seconds . (00:00:00)



Olympic Volleyball Inspiration