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Make your business and our community Ausome!

Be part of creating inclusive recreation opportunities for children and youth with autism in the National Capital Region—with free training from Ausome Ottawa.

Out + About is designed to benefit both you, as a business owner, and children with autism and their families living in our community. That’s what we call a win–win!


with the generous support of:

What is Out + About with Ausome?

  • A community-wide initiative to partner with local sport and recreation operators to remove or reduce barriers that are preventing children with autism and their families from accessing their businesses and activities.
  • We will work closely with your staff to plan a one-time autism-friendly event at your facility, including free hands-on training and resources.
  • Rather than creating a unique program for the event, Out + Abouts make use of your existing programs but with autism-friendly modifications.
  • The event will take place during your regular hours of operation.

Why are Out + Abouts are so important right now?

  • In survey responses, the #1 reason why local families touched by autism do not take their child to sport and recreation businesses and facilities is due to a lack of understanding and support from staff and operators.  
  • A recent study found children with autism are 40% less likely to have good physical health and 50% less likely to have good mental health compared to their peers.
  • The persisting pandemic has been especially difficult on children with autism, who already faced disproportionately higher rates of social isolation and barriers to physical activity compared to their peers.

How will Ausome ensure Out + Abouts are successful for all?

  • Ausome has been providing industry-leading autism training to businesses and associations for several years with a long list of happy clients.
  • In addition to free training and resources, Ausome will perform a pre-event needs assessment of your facility and activities to identify potential barriers and solutions to remove or reduce them.
  • Ausome will coordinate all of the families participating in the event.
  • Ausome staff and volunteers will be present to provide on-site support.

How will my business benefit?

  • There is no cost to you and you get the chance to act on your commitment to being a community leader in inclusivity, while expanding your customer base.
  • Since the autism community is often in the news as a result of ongoing gaps in services, your partnership will make for a positive, high-profile and newsworthy story.
  • Ausome is dedicated to showcasing your business to our large and engaged community in a positive, thoughtful and relevant way on our various digital platforms.
  • By being able to participate in your facility’s activities with more support and appropriate accommodations, families living with autism are more likely to have a positive experience and will be more inclined to attend again in the future. 


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