Virtual Strength & Conditioning

Virtual Strength & Conditioning

Recommended Ages: 13-18yrs


Program Description:

Ausome LIVE Strength & Conditioning sessions provide an opportunity for older athletes to connect virtually and be active together. Ausome coach Andrea Nicholls will run through a variety of fitness training activities to learn the fundamental movements involved in strength and conditioning training. Each activity in the program can be easily modified to match the skill set of each participant.  

Participants will receive a lesson plan each week outlining the activities, equipment needed and coaching tips on how to make the activities easier or more challenging. Ausome athletes can move through the activity at their own pace and follow along with Ausome coaches, athletes and parents. 

Equipment needed: workout resistance band (can be found online from amazon or purchased at a DollarStore)

Additional Notes:

Parents are encouraged to be nearby to help support athletes throughout the sessions and join in on the fun!

* Ausome Virtual Programs require an active Ausome membership. *