As of April 30th, 2024 all Ausome activities (including programs) are permanently cancelled. 

April 30, 2024

I am deeply saddened to announce that after nearly 9 years Ausome Ottawa will be closing its doors today. This decision weighs heavily on my heart as a founder. Our mission, to support children with autism and their families through sports and recreation, remains as critical today as it was when we first started. Despite our best efforts, the lack of available funding has made it impossible for us to continue.

This year to-date, Ausome has received half of the funding it received in the same period last year. That’s simply not enough – not even close. With inflation making the cost to operate more expensive and charitable giving to small charities on the decline*, we can’t see a path forward.

While this is a devastating moment, I am grateful to everyone who played a part in making 27,000 hours of children in sports possible. Thank you to everyone who has supported Ausome Ottawa over the years, whether you are one of the smiling, sweaty athletes with whom we got to play, or whether you volunteered, worked, partnered, hosted, or gave, you made a meaningful difference in so many lives.

It’s our hope that the organizations and the more than 1,700 individuals who learned to be more inclusive and supportive through the Ausome Training program, will pick up where we leave off – creating space for all children to be physically active as part of a community.


Liisa Vexler

Questions and Answers

How can I stay in contact with people I met at Ausome?
Join the Ausome Parent Huddle group on Facebook.

What will happen to the Ausome auction item I just purchased?
We will offer a time for you to pick up your items at the RA Centre later this week.

What will happen to any money that Ausome raised recently?
Up until today, children and youth have been participating in Ausome programs in gyms across the city. Those funds will go to pay staff and other expenses and if anything is left over, it will be donated to another Ottawa-based autism charity.

Can I help in any way?
There are two ways you can help:

If you would like to help sort through our “stuff”, please email

If you would like to continue this mission, please find like-minded people in the community and just start. Young athletes with autism need a place to play.

Can I reach a specific individual who worked at Ausome?
You can, but not through their Ausome email address. LinkedIn or Facebook are the best options.

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