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Ausome Training— meaningful inclusion begins with knowledge

Ausome is proud to have provided training to more than 950 organizations, businesses and individuals to better support the meaningful participation of young athletes with autism in their programs.

Ausome Community Training

Offered every quarter, Ausome’s Community training is perfect for coaches, instructors, volunteers, teachers or child care providers looking to recognize and better understand autism spectrum disorders.

Community Training attendees will gain a deeper understanding of autism in a sport and recreation environment while learning practical strategies for how to build rapport, teach skills and provide effective feedback. 


Custom Training

Are you or the organization you work with looking to develop or strengthen a program that meaningfully includes athletes on the autism spectrum?

Having just the “front-facing” coaches trained might not be enough to achieve this goal. Learning how to build the program and plan logistics from the ground up will set both your organization and the participants up for success. Custom training is as unique as your organization and will include (but is not limited to):


Facility Audit

Take custom training to the next level and have a full audit of your facility and how inclusive your physical space is for people on the autism spectrum.

The facility audit will help identify and rectify issues with wayfinding, space navigation, sensory challenges, flight risks and danger spots.


Out + About with Ausome

Does your organization aspire to be more inclusive?

Out + About with Ausome is a new initiative that equips community spaces and facilities with the knowledge and tools to meaningfully include individuals with autism and their families. Ausome will help plan and implement an autism–friendly event at your facility, deliver customized training for your staff and provide sustainable recommendations and useful resources. 

Become a leader in our city and make your facility more inclusive so that individuals with autism get a chance to take part in the wonderful activities Ottawa has to offer. 


"I feel more confident supporting players with autism now that I have learned these great strategies. They will be so helpful for me to plan my practices and will be useful to all players on my team!"

– Coach, Ottawa Basketball League