Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month around the globe, so it’s time to Get Active with Ausome!

Invite a child’s school, your favourite restaurant, or gym to partner with Ausome during April to raise awareness and funds so children with autism can access free, supported and fun sports programs. 

1. Get Active in Schools

Invite your school to host a “Get Active for Ausome” presentation this April. This is a great opportunity for educators to partner with Ausome to increase autism awareness and acceptance. Download the flyer below and share with your child’s teacher or principal.


2. Get Active in Gyms

Invite your gym to donate a portion of their membership fees or dedicate a specific class to support young athletes with autism during April—April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day. Download the flyer below and share it wherever you like to get moving!


3. Get Active in Restaurants

Invite your favourite restaurant or café to show they care by partnering with Ausome. They can dedicate a table or a percentage of all sales on a  specific day to support Ausome. Download the flyer below and share it with your favourite restaurant or café!


Why Ausome?

Since 2016, Ausome has been the only organization in our community solely committed to providing an accessible sport and recreation community for children with autism. Having welcomed over 850 families and clocking over 25,000 hours of children in sport, Ausome has earned the trust and respect of our families, as well as the autism community as a whole.

Email for more details!