Ausome Policies

Ausome Program & Camp Policies

Effective September 13, 2018

Waitlist Policy

Once an Ausome program is full,  you are invited to join the waitlist for that specific program. Names will be added to the waitlist in the order they are received. Should a spot become available, waitlisted participants will be contacted (in order) by a Program Director.

Note: Once registered for a program, you will not be considered on waitlists for other concurrently running programs.

Note: Being on a waitlist for a specific program does not guarantee a spot in either the requested program or any future programs.  

1 Program-at-a-time Policy

As we want to ensure that every Ausome athlete has a chance to play, each participant may only register for one program at a time.

Example: If Soccer, Water Polo, and Fine Motor are running concurrently, you may register for only one of the three programs.

Age Requirement Policy

Each Ausome program is tailored to a specific age range. In order to maintain quality, integrity, and safety of our programs, we ask that members respect these age limits when registering participants.

*Participants must meet the minimum age requirement prior to program start date.

Programs with multiple time slots

When registering for a program with more than one start time, your child will be placed in the group that best suits their skill level. Please note that we cannot guarantee specific time slots.

Drop-off Policy

Parents are permitted to leave the premises while their child is doing a program. After signing your child in, you must notify a staff member that you will be offsite and provide your cell phone number.

Parents/Caregivers in Gym:

For the following reasons, parents/caregivers are not permitted in the gym during the session unless permitted by the Program Director:

  • Children act differently around their parents, often seeing them as a safe place they can go back to rather than being willing to take a risk that may have a positive outcome;

  • Parents can distract children, their own and others;

  • Part of Ausome Ottawa’s mandate is to create community. By having parents take a break together, they have a moment to take a breath and have a chat.