How do I register my child in a program?

Step 1: Create an account for your family, and add family members.

Step 2: Ensure that each athlete registering has an active Ausome membership. Purchase or renew your membership here.

Step 3: Register for Ausome programs by logging in to your account and clicking on Programs in the menu. Please respect our One Program-at-a-time Policy, which is outlined on our policies page.


  What comes with my Ausome membership?

Your Ausome membership is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. In addition to providing access to program registration, Ausome membership perks include:

  • A Welcome Kit consisting of an Ausome shirt, water bottle, drawstring bag, tattoo, program card, and baseball hat.
  • 1 entry to an Ausome program within 12 months. If you do not get into a program during your 1-year membership period, you may choose to extend your membership for another year at no charge or request a refund.
  • Access to Ausome’s Out + About events.
  • Member-exclusive contests, tickets and community events.

  Who runs the Ausome Programs, and what are the ratios?

Most sport-specific programs have a head coach who is certified by their sport’s coaching body. They are skilled at extending or simplifying games and activities for kids of all levels and have been trained by Ausome to offer lessons that best suit kids on the spectrum.

At each program, there will be trained Ausome staff members supervising the program to ensure that every athlete has the best experience possible.

Trained staff and volunteers will be paired with the athletes to support them throughout each activity during the sessions.

  Can you tell me more about Ausome Volunteers?

Our Ausome volunteers are unique, passionate, and kind-hearted people who believe in sport for all.

Some of our volunteers join us as students looking to fulfill their volunteer hours, some are post-secondary students in the autism field, others have a personal connection to autism, and many just want to share their love of sports! They are ALL part of something AUSOME! Learn more about volunteer opportunities here.

  Can I accompany my child during the activities?

Parents are not permitted to accompany their child during the program unless it is a parent-led program. In parent-led programs, athletes will be paired with their parent or caregiver who will support them through each activity in place of volunteers. During volunteer-led programs, parents can either wait at the facility during the program or leave and pick up their athlete at the end of the session. Some of the reasons we aim for volunteer-led programs are the following:

1) Children act differently around their parents, often seeing them as a safe place they can go back to rather than being willing to take a risk that may have a positive outcome;
 2) Parents can distract children (their own and others);
 3) Part of Ausome Ottawa’s mandate is to create community. By having parents take a break together, they have a moment to take a breath and have a chat.

Are there waitlists for programs?

Yes! Most of our programs fill up very quickly so we suggest you register as soon as the program registration opens.

We update our website when the program is full, and include a link for you to join the waitlist.

Please only register for a program if you are able to attend each session, as it takes a spot away from another child.

When is the next program and can I pre-register?

Please visit our Facebook and Programs pages regularly to stay up-to-date on new/upcoming programs and registration dates.

What kind of training has Ausome staff received?

Ausome’s Director of Training is Anna Whyte, an autism behaviour therapist with years of clinical intervention experience.

All of our program supervisors and support staff are overseen and trained by Anna. Many have backgrounds in behaviour therapy and many years working directly with children with autism.

Can I leave the facility while my child participates?

If you and your child are comfortable with you leaving, you are welcome to grab a coffee while your child is busy being Ausome. However, please let an Ausome staff member know and be sure to sign in with your cellphone number so that we can reach you if needed.

Are there any programs for teenagers?

At this time Ausome provides programs for children aged 4 through 17.

Where do Ausome Programs take place?

The location of each program varies on the nature of the program (ie. Water Polo vs. Basketball), as well as facility availability and cost.

To view the location for a specific activity, please visit the Programs page of our website.

Know any businesses or facilities that would be perfect to host an Ausome Program? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear more!

Is transportation available?

Ausome currently does not offer transportation services.

Individuals with autism qualify for Para Transpo, a door-to-door service, at a discounted rate from OC Transpo.

Visit OC Transpo’s website to complete the application.