Ausome Membership

An active membership, along with completed parent and child profiles,
is required to access Ausome programming.

Follow these 2 steps and you'll be ready to register for Ausome Programs:

1.Become a Member

Apply for or renew your Ausome Membership. The $25 Membership dues renew annually and cover all immediate family members.

1. Become a member

2. Complete Parent + Child Profiles

Fill out the Parent Profile. Once complete, you will be automatically directed to the Child Profile. Multiple children profiles can be done in one step.

2.Parent + Child Profiles

Ausome Membership

Our Ausome programs are free to our members. We respectfully ask that you only sign up for programs that you can fully commit to, as programs fill up quickly and you would be taking a space from another child.
Every participant will receive an Ausome Ottawa t-shirt and participant card at their first event.
Parents are not permitted in the program space, but can join other parents and caregivers in a separate area.
Our programs are supported wholly by our community. While you will not have to pay for the event, we will suggest a donation amount each time. If you can contribute, please do — but be sure to note that this is not required.


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Our Ausome programs are very popular with our members. We ask that you only sign up for one program at a time (ie. if two programs are running at the same time, choose one) so we can offer program spaces to as many Ausome kids as possible.
As programs fill up, we encourage you to join the waitlist. In order to serve as many Ausome families as possible, participants on the waitlist will be given priority in registration the next time that program is running.