A Community of Zombie Zoom-ers

What do you get when Paddington bear, Mr. Potato Head and Mario meet? . . . Zombie Zoom!

Our virtual Halloween party brought dozens of Ausome families, volunteers and staff throughout our community together to show off their costumes, play games, tell jokes and make pizzas. 

Trick or Treating can be challenging for many children with autism. Thanks to our team of dedicated staff and volunteers, every detail of the event was thought out with Ausome athletes in mind. Zombie Zoomers got the chance to practice trick or treating at Ausome’s office door when they came to pick up their party bags and pizza kits. Parents and guardians received a social story ahead of time to guide them through what to expect during the party. And the games and activities were carefully planned to ensure everyone was included and had fun.

When given the opportunity and tools for successful participation, children with autism can overcome many of those challenges and enjoy celebrating Halloween alongside their peers. As one Ausome parent put it, “You guys had it so well organized. WELL DONE!”

Zombie Zoom saw a diverse assortment of creative characters join the party. A colourful clown was triumphant at trivia. Buzz Lightyear flew around their house searching for scavenger hunt items. An angel was a star at the minute-to-win-it challenge. And Batman made a pizza! “[The] kids had so much fun!!” one Ausome parent shared.

At a time when things are not yet back to normal, Zombie Zoom created an opportunity for our Ausome community to still come together and build memories. One volunteer exclaimed, “It was a great event! So much fun for everyone!”


Written By:
Anya Pelot
Programs Coordinator