Avery, Sophia, and Summer—an Ausome Connection

Ausome programs are about more than just sports. Creating opportunities for our athletes and their families to make real connections is equally important.

That’s how Ausome athletes Avery, Sophia, and Summerand their momscame to form a friendship on and off the field of play.

It’s Thursday evening at Arch Street Public School and the three families arrive for week one of Basketball. Summer is excited because she loves being active and wearing her red Ausome shirt. She’s also excited because this is the first Ausome program she’s doing with her new classmate Sophia. 

The two girls had met years ago when they were in the same Kindergarten to Grade 1 program. That’s also where moms Nicole and Rose befriended each other. When the program finished, Summer and Sophia transferred to separate schools and Nicole and Rose lost touch. That all changed when Sophia and Summer ended up in the same Grade 9 class this year. It’s given them and their moms the chance to reconnectincluding putting both girls in Ausome Basketball together.

If that weren’t great enough, unbeknownst to Summer and her mom they were about to make another reconnection.

Avery and her mom Michelle met Summer and Nicole 10 years ago at a city park and the four of them hit it off. Following that, Michelle and Nicole stayed connected on social media before eventually losing touch. So it was a joyfully unexpected reunion when they bumped into each other at basketball.

It didn’t take long for the three girls to become fast friends on the courtrunning warm-up laps around the gym together, practicing their bounce passes with each other, cheering each other on at agility ladder drills and hoop shots, all while holding hands and taking breaks for hugs and silliness. 

One evening after Basketball, Sophia and Summer were making plans to go swimming together when Avery tugged on Nicole’s sleeve and asked if she could come too. This was a big moment because, as mom Michelle explains, Avery has selective mutism and will only speak to those with whom she feels safe. Nicole was touched and immediately agreed. 

Since then, this Ausome trio and their moms have been spending even more time together in and outside of programs. In addition to sharing rides to programs, going swimming and playing ping-pong, there are already plans in the works for dinners, sleepovers and celebrating each other’s birthdays. 

The moms all emphasize how profound it’s been for their daughters, and themselves, to find friendship through Ausome. Having a space where they get to be themselves, be accepted and be active together with their peers has led to the kinds of life-changing connections we aim to create for all of our athletes and families.

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