Local Realtor’s Continued Support Strengthens Ausome Community

On a frigid Sunday afternoon in 2016, Darcy Whyte laced up his shoes to volunteer at the first-ever Ausome program. “I loved it immediately,” Darcy remembers, “…just being with the kids was so much fun.”

Growing up playing hockey, Darcy describes himself as “completely and fully consumed in sports” and can’t imagine a world where his own children wouldn’t have the opportunity to play. This passion fuels his commitment to supporting Ausome: “The need for Ausome in the community is massive, and there aren’t enough people who know about it… that there is not enough funding and not enough programs. There’s nothing else like Ausome in this community”.

Over the next few years, Darcy and his wife Anna, an Ausome co-founder, gathered a dedicated group of friends and family to form the core of Ausome’s original volunteer team.

As Ausome grew, so did Darcy’s family and budding real estate business. Now a father of 3, partner in a Century 21 brokerage, and heading up his real estate team, Capital Property Group, Darcy remains a dedicated Ausome advocate and supporter.

Through hosting a golf tournament, participating in Race Weekend and Trot or Treat, and providing Welcome Kits for Ausome athletes, Capital Property Group and Century 21 contributed over $12,000 to Ausome in 2023.

Just a month into 2024, Darcy has already set sights on how he can support Ausome in an “even bigger and better way.” Thank you, Darcy, Anna, and Capital Property Group for your continued dedication to providing opportunities for children with autism to play. You. Are. Ausome!