Ausome Sensory Motor Movement

Ausome Sensory Motor Movement

Required Ages: 8 to 15


Program Description: 

Helping Ausome Athletes get their head in the game!

The goal of this program is to improve the brain body connection.  With this, we see improvement in a child’s overall ability to participate in play, leisure and sport activities!

Sensorimotor movement is the process that involves the brain receiving sensory messages from the environment, understanding, processing, and producing an appropriate motor response.  

Our body motor functions most optimally when our sensory and motor systems are working efficiently together.

In this sensory motor movement program, Ausome Athletes will be guided in purposeful large and small muscle-group movement activities using various pieces of equipment and exercise routines. :

Through games and activities we will work on developing the following senses:

1) Vestibular [increasing balance by moving back and forth, up and down, arching and rotating]

2) Proprioception [Body awareness by Pushing/ pulling/ lifting/ carrying/ using own body weight]

3) Touch [Decreasing hyper-reactivity, increase hypo-reactivity to touch by using body socks, mats, tunnels]

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