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Community Training Workshops

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Ausome Community Training

Our Ausome Community Training workshops provide an overview of autism spectrum disorder and give examples of what autism looks like in sports and recreation settings.

Many athletes with autism experience visible and invisible challenges while participating in sport; the environment is overwhelming, wordy instructions have them lost in what to do, the unknown of what is expected of them are only a few barriers they may face.

Ausome teaches a variety of strategies for supporting individuals with autism including:

  • Communication tips
  • Practical Coaching Strategies
  • Behaviour support and group management techniques

“The instructors did a great job of sticking with important info, providing examples from their experiences and a message that left confidence. I left feeling that this is excellent training in being a good human and how we should treat everyone. I recognized myself using these skills twice in the first 24 hours.Thank you for being great humans!”

– Participant, Community Training Workshop