Ausome Fine Motor

Fine Motor (Volunteer-Paired)

Not currently running. Please stay tuned for upcoming program announcements.

Program Description:

Ausome Ottawa is partnering with Algonquin College to offer an exciting therapeutic group program to children on the spectrum. This nine-week program, running on Thursday evenings, will focus on the development of fine motor skills which refer to the coordination of small muscles in hands, wrists and fingers. These small muscles help in the functioning of writing, grasping objects, and fastening clothing. Children will be paired with Algonquin Occupational Therapy Assistant students and supervised by an occupational therapist and members of the Ausome Ottawa team. 

Important Notes:

  • Due to the nature of this program, siblings and family members cannot attend sessions.
  • Participants must be able to communicate their wants and needs, be toilet trained, able to work at a table for 20 minutes, and not typically aggressive in new situations.
  • Please note that Fine Motor is not a physiotherapy program and does not replace any current physiotherapy your child may be undergoing.