Out + About: Partners

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As an Out & About partner, you will work alongside Ausome expert staff to develop your own meaningfully inclusive programs—at no cost to you.

Through Phases 1 & 2, your team will learn directly from Ausome staff how to create, support and encourage inclusive programming at your facility. During Phase 3, you will build and run your own inclusive program with Ausome.

The single day event allows Ausome members and their families to try a new sport or activity at your facility. Under the guidance of Ausome staff, you will create an inclusive environment to support athletes with autism.

In Phase 2, Ausome will plan a 4-week pilot program at your facility with your coaches, inviting 20 Ausome athletes to participate. We provide training for all of your staff in exchange for the use of your facility for the duration of the program. 

In Phase 3, we work together to help you develop, register, and run your own inclusive program to successfully support athletes with autism. We are by your side with ongoing and scheduled consultation with Ausome’s Training Manager.

In addition to positioning your organization as a pioneer in inclusivity, you will receive:

Ausome consultancy through all 3 phases.

Autism training specific to your organization for all staff members.

Customized plan for making your space and programs autism-friendly.

Expanded customer base through exposure to new clientele.

Promotion across Ausome’s digital marketing channels.

Email rachellejessome@ausomeottawa.com for more details!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to attend an Ausome event and really enjoyed our time as a family at the facility. The program was run smoothly and we felt very included and supported which is not always the case in other recreational programs outside of Ausome. We will absolutely pass along this program to our new-to-us community of Autism families we are apart of. Thank you!

Anna, Ausome parent (RA Swim Out + About)

Why Ausome?

Since 2016, Ausome has been the only organization in our community solely committed to providing an accessible sport and recreation community for children with autism. Having welcomed over 850 families and clocking over 25,000 hours of children in sport, Ausome has earned the trust and respect of our families, as well as the autism community as a whole. We have been providing industry-leading autism training for sport and recreation to for several years with a long list of happy clients: