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1 in 50 children in our community is affected by autism and faces barriers to fully participating in community programs or events. Out + About with Ausome is changing this by empowering local organizations to provide meaningfully inclusive, autism–friendly programs and events.

Phases 1 & 2 are Ausome-run programs that teach partner organizations how to create, support and encourage inclusive programming at their facility. In Phase 3, the partner organization works in close consultation with Ausome to run their own open-to-the public autism-friendly program.

Access to Out + About events is a perk of Ausome membership! Click below to create an Ausome family account and purchase a membership.

Upcoming Out + About Events

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Previous O + A Events

Track + Field with the Ottawa Lions
May 21, 2022

Pickleball with the Orléans Tennis Club
Jul 8, 2022

Swimming with the RA Centre
Aug 13, 2022

Curling with Cityview Curling
Mar 19, 2023

We loved this event. It was a fun way to spend some family time and learn about
something new without the kids feeling the pressure and anxiety of being signed up for something they were not familiar with. Loved that siblings could participate.

Elizabeth, Ausome Parent (Pickleball Out + About)