Ausome Volunteer FAQs

  What Should I Bring?

You will be moving around with our Ausome athletes, so it’s important you’re prepared. Make sure to bring with you:

  • Indoor running shoes 
  • A water bottle 
  • Comfortable / active clothing (We will be giving you an Ausome volunteer t-shirt to wear)
  • A positive attitude

  What can I Expect from my First Ausome Program?

After your police check is submitted and your volunteer application is approved by our team, you will begin to receive weekly emails to register for programs. Select the programs that fit your availability and get ready to be active with some pretty Ausome athletes!

How do I register to volunteer at a program?

Simply click on the links to the programs you wish to attend, and we will know to expect you there! You will get a program confirmation email with everything you need to know for that specific program.

What can I expect when I arrive ?

Don’t be worried about finding us, we usually place an Ausome banner outside of the gym or facility where the program is running.

Our program supervisors will know you’re coming and will greet you with an Ausome Volunteer TShirt.

The program supervisor will take some time to explain how the program works and what this particular session will look like.

What will I be doing during the Ausome Program?

The program supervisor will team you up with an Ausome athlete. You will be briefed on this athletes likes, dislikes, strengths, challenges and the best ways to help them succeed during the program.

You will then help your Ausome athlete complete drills, follow instructions and participate in games instructed by one of our coaches.

It’s your job to help and encourage your athlete in any way possible. Ausome staff will be there to support you and provide useful tips to help your Ausome athlete succeed.

We often have our programs split into 2 or 3 groups. These groups are divided by age and/or skill level. In each group, you will be paired with an Ausome athlete.

*If your athlete needs to leave the gym or program space to use the bathroom or the water fountain, be sure to tell your program supervisor and always stay with your athlete.

  Do you have any Ausome volunteering tips?

You bet! Learning how to build rapport, deliver instructions, prompt and give effective feedback will help you and your Ausome athletes succeed at programs. It’s important to get to know your athlete’s likes, dislikes and communication styles to be an effective Ausome volunteer.

What should I do when I meet my athlete?

It’s important to remember the goal beyond participating in the activity is to try and build rapport with your athlete.

If they come to like spending time with you, they are more likely to participate and follow your instructions. Be sure to be patient, kind and genuine.

Take note of what that athlete likes and see if you can incorporate their interests into your conversations or even the activities you’re participating in.

How can I give effective instructions?

Make sure when you’re giving instructions that you use clear language. Some of our Ausome athletes process language differently and may need more time to understand what you’re saying. Most times it’s helpful to use a visual model to also show the athlete what to do.

How should I help my Ausome athlete?

Some of our Ausome athletes may need help completing certain skills. Rather than just repeating what they should be doing, sometimes you need to directly help them with a physical prompt.

Make sure you always tell an athlete when you are going to physically intervene to help them succeed at the task at hand. Sometimes you may have to help swing an athletes leg to successfully kick a soccer ball. Or maybe you have to hold their arms up while they shoot a basketball. Other times you may just have to break a complex skill down into small pieces for them to complete. Getting to know your athletes will give you good insight into how much help they may or may not need.

What feedback can I give to encourage my athlete?

Your Ausome athlete needs to know when they are doing the right thing, when they are putting in a big effort, or when they are behaving appropriately. It is so important for you to be giving appropriate and motivating feedback to your Ausome athlete.

Feedback will be different for each child depending on their likes, dislikes and communication styles. Make sure that when you are building rapport, you take note of these things. Make sure you tell your athletes exactly what they are doing well and tell them often. For example, “Great dribbling all the way across the gym!” *High five, funny face, pretend to be their favourite superhero*

• Avoid getting frustrated, raising your voice or saying NO too often.
• Instead of telling the athlete what they should not do, tell them what they SHOULD DO
• Pay attention to the athlete’s energy. Watch what they respond positively to and what brings on frustration. Allow them to take a break before a meltdown happens
• Do your best to make skills as attractive as possible by embedding their interests or providing great feedback
• Make skills harder if they are too easy
• Take sensory breaks if needed
• Never leave your athlete alone

  Which Ausome Policies do I need to know?

We want to make sure you have all the information you need! Please click on the links to familiarize yourself with the following Ausome Volunteer Policies:

  1. Ausome Volunteer Policy
  2. Ausome Sexual Harassment Policy
  3. Ausome Social Media Guidelines

  What does Ausome expect from me, and what can I expect from Ausome?

If you can not attend a program session, or have a particular problem, please contact your Volunteer Coordinator at your earliest convenience.

What does Ausome expect from me as a volunteer?

• 3 hours of volunteer work per month

• That you will volunteer at the times agreed or inform us immediately if this is not possible

• That you abide by our organization’s objectives and its equal opportunities, health and safety, confidentiality, and other policies

As a volunteer, what can I expect from Ausome?

• An introduction and brief training necessary to help you carry out your role

• Support from Ausome program staff to help carry out your volunteer role

• To be treated with respect inline with our organization’s policies

• To be covered by our organization’s insurance

  Do I need a Police Records Check? Why? How?

In order to ensure a safe environment for all, we require all of our volunteers to receive a Vulnerable Sector Police Check. This Vulnerable Sector Police Check is for applicants seeking employment or volunteer positions with the ‘vulnerable sector.’ These are persons who are in a position of dependence on others or are at a greater risk than the general population of being harmed by authority or trust to them.

To receive your Police Check you can either click to APPLY ONLINE or stop by a police station to apply in person.

Ausome provides a volunteer letter that will waive a portion of the fee, simply click the button below to request a pdf copy via email.