Jonathan’s Story – The Accidental Skater

At school, at home, and at Ausome, Jonathan’s natural inclination is to sit to the side of any group with his nose in a book. Over the last two years, he has participated willingly, but perhaps less than passionately in a few Ausome Water Polo and Fundamental Movement programs. In August, Jordan Wells of For Pivot’s Sake, introduced Ausome Campers to skateboarding. With sudden and surprising enthusiasm, Jonathan was off the sidelines and in the game. He was hooked on skateboarding.

The generous team of For Pivot’s Sake gifted Jonathan and a couple of his Ausome teammates with skateboards and helmets of their own.

Jonathan’s dad Robert tells us, “Jonathan is currently registered for skateboarding lessons at Dovercourt. Great job inspiring him at camp! He asked for more lessons. We haven’t ruled out further lessons with Jordan at The Yard as the weather gets colder. Their indoor facility will be much more enjoyable than the outdoor soon enough.”

We are stoked for Jonathan! Thank you Jordan and For Pivot’s Sake. You. Are. AUSOME.