Louis and Andrea: A Mother’s Appeal to The Community

Can you imagine if each time you brought your child to an extracurricular activity you were paralyzed by fear—fear of being embarrassed and judged? Fear that your child would be mocked, that your child might behave aggressively, so much so that you would be called to pick him up early almost every single time?

My goal as a mother is to help my son, Louis, be happy and successful.

Signing Louis up for extracurricular programs in the past was a challenge. In some cases, I was asked to remove him from programs; in other cases, he was ‘included’ but not meaningfully participating. Every single time I dropped him off, I had major anxiety, always staying close by, and wishing for cooperation and patience from the world.

The first-ever Ausome program Louis attended was basketball. We were greeted with enthusiasm and positivity. It was clearly a safe place focused on what Louis could do. He could participate just like his peers. Finally, I could exhale, knowing that Louis was in an environment that provided him with skills, building confidence, pride and success.

Louis was enthusiastically and willingly attending. He reminded me often about how many days were left until our next Ausome program.

Ausome has opened up my son’s world since his first basketball game two years ago. He has learned how to participate in sports, is physically active, knows how to use sports equipment—and has fun—just like other kids his age.

Ausome has made it possible for me to finally be optimistic about my son’s future.

But it’s not just the sports I’m grateful for. Ausome’s autism training workshops, coaches, instructors and camp counsellors throughout the community now feel more equipped to be inclusive. They have the ability to say “yes” instead of “no”. I’m so glad that the community can better support Louis and others with autism now.

There are many costs associated with providing supported, individualized sports programming for children with autism. Providing high quality, life-changing programming requires expertly trained, enthusiastic staff members and coaches. In addition, facility rentals are in short supply and expensive. Ausome needs your help to help eliminate waitlists in 2020.

Louis wants all children with autism and their families to be active participants in their communities. And I do, too.

Please help Ausome in their mission to raise funds so more children with autism and their families can be active in a place where they can be loved and accepted. Please don’t wait. Your donation can make a difference today.

Happy holidays from our family to yours,

Ausome Parent