Ausome Parent Huddle Facebook Group

Have you ever wanted to track down a parent of a new little friend your child has made at Ausome Gymastics but didn’t know how? Or maybe you wanted to ask experienced Ausome community members about the best activity for your child. Perhaps you are looking for carpooling options.

We now you have a solution for you. You asked for it, and here it is: The Ausome Parent Huddle Facebook Group

This private Facebook group will be monitored by a team of volunteer administrators using these guidelines:

This group is for parents, grandparents and caregivers who are part of the Ausome community. If you have attended or are thinking about attending an Ausome program event, this community is for you.

This is a space for us to connect, commiserate, and hopefully have a good laugh now and then.

Most importantly, this is a place to be with other members of the Ausome community that understand and can empathize with us.

Community Agreements:
– We are all past, present or future members of the Ausome community
– We come to this group to give or receive support, ideas and encouragement and to make real world connections – playdates are encouraged!!
– We honour diversity of opinion. Respectful disagreement is welcome. Personal insults are not.
– We honour confidentiality.

Our Values are:
– Equity
– Respect
– Community

Things that will get you banned and blocked from the group:
– If you block a mod or an admin
– not heeding warnings by mods or admins
– using group to promote businesses/organizations without prior approval (you’ll be warned first)
– going outside this group to bother members

Other Notes:
– Please learn how to follow (turn on notifications) a post. Responses to threads with “follow” will be deleted
– If you have a sticky tricky question you may ask for one of the mods/admins to anonymously post on your behalf.
– To learn more about our values, please visit: