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Employees perform better when they are engaged in socially responsible activities. In a Society for Human Resources Management Study, companies with strong corporate social responsibility strategies had:

Better Morale55%

More Efficient Business Process43%

Better Employee Loyalty38%

Stronger Public Image43%

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

Let Ausome be a part of your strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility.

We provide your employees with volunteer opportunities like:

Group: Our goal is to work closely with you to coordinate a volunteer opportunity that matches your group’s needs. We offer our corporate partners opportunities to volunteer as a group in supporting one of our sports programs or community events. 

Individual: You may also volunteer as an individual. Your employer may sponsor your volunteer hours. Employees can make individual contributions as a volunteer while being supported through the company. Individual opportunities during business hours include project-based work where expertise can be applied, including IT support, campaign or advocacy support, fundraising and more. 

Customizable: While Ausome has a number of opportunities for volunteers to get involved, we recognize that some have a desire to contribute specific skills or expertise. If your team is interested in contributing in a customized way, our Ausome staff are here to help connect you to individual or group opportunities that are well suited. Contact us today and explore the possibilities.


“I think I speak for the team that it was a great time for everyone. There were lots of great memories and continued stories shared here in the office. Thanks to you and your team for being such great hosts!”

– TD Canada Trust Volunteer