Special Event and Behind–the-Scenes Volunteers

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“What a great day out for families - outdoor fun and halloween costumes, how can you go wrong, and all for a great cause! I hope this becomes THE weekend Halloween party for kids in the city. I'm so glad to have been a part of it.”

– Cleo M, Trot or Treat Volunteer

Special Event or Behind the Scene Volunteers 

Are you an amateur photographer? A Salesforce Ninja? Do you have a specialized skill and are looking for a creative outlet to share your expertise? Come share your talents with us!

If you’re looking for a one-time or a short-term commitment, we invite you to volunteer for a few hours in the office or at a fundraising event. Your support plays a key role in guaranteeing the success of Ausome’s fundraising events and activities. 


Special Event Volunteers

You can support Ausome events with a number of hands-on tasks from being a part of the event planning committee, to marketing the event, to day-of opportunities like welcoming participants and working in the food area.

Behind–the–Scenes Volunteers 

Tap into your strengths and contribute as a volunteer for unique opportunities where your expertise can be applied. We are always looking for support for: photography, technology support, advocacy, campaign support, in-office help, board members, fundraising and more.