Maya’s Story of Courage

Maya began her journey with Ausome 3 years ago, during an Ausome gymnastics program. Since then, she has participated in many different activities, including “the most fun day of her whole life!” during an Ausome Camp Day. 

When Maya attended her first gymnastics session – she wasn’t overly excited to join a new program where she didn’t know anyone and was unsure of what to expect. A daunting task for anyone. Add to the fact that you have a little self-doubt in your abilities and the lack of ‘rule-following’ from your peers; it can make new experiences even more challenging. However, she persevered and attended a few more sessions with her parents and Ausome staff’s support. 

Fast-forward to summer 2020. Maya joined Ausome peers at the Ottawa River Canoe Club to learn how to kayak and canoe. Maya, who is averse to getting wet and was unsure of her paddling skills – this program was pushing her out of her comfort zone. She had to paddle 1-2 km on her own each week. Despite how hard it was initially, she continued to get back in the boat with dad by her side. 

Add a little bit of chatter about her favourite TV show – FYI, it’s ‘Slugterra’ – Maya courageously paddled up and down the river. By the last session, she was looking like a pro! Way to go, Maya! Paddles Up!


Written By:
Anya Pelot
Programs & Volunteer Coordinator