Ausome Olympics – Baseball

What are we doing?
Seeing how many times you can hit the ‘strike zone’ targets out of 10 throws

Where should we do it?
An indoor or outdoor space free of obstacles with a fence or wall. Backyard, tennis court, driveway with garage

What do we need?
1. A Wall
2. 4 pieces of paper (or anything to indicate 4 different targets)
3. Tape
4. 10 balls of socks
5. A stick, rope, or rock (or anything to indicate your pitching mound)

1. Find a wall that has no obstacles on it
2. Place your pieces of paper (or other markers) on the wall on all four corner of the strike zone
3. Measure 5 metres or count 10 steps away from the fence or wall with strike zone on it
4. Place a marker down to indicate your mound
5. Gather your 10 balls of socks next to your mound
6. Throw one ball at a time, aiming at your strike zone
7. Count the number of times you hit your paper or markers
8. Record your score out of 10

Record how many times you hit the strike zone markers out of 10



Olympic Baseball Inspiration