Ausome Olympics – Weight Lifting

What are we doing?
Seeing how long we can hold a wall sit

Where should we do it?
An indoor or outdoor space free of obstacles with a sturdy wall

What do we need?
1. A Wall
2. A timer (a phone charger works great)

1. Find a wall that has no obstacles on it
2. Put your back on the wall and get your timer ready
3. Start your timer and slide your back down the wall into a seated position. Put your arms in the air like your holding weights above your head. Make sure your thighs are perpendicular to the ground
4. See how long you can stay in that ‘weight lifting’ position before you have to stand up,  fall down or lower your arms. Record your time in minutes and seconds

Record how many minutes and seconds you were able to hold your wall sit



Olympic Weight Lifting Inspiration